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naitlyn_love's Journal

Nate x Caitlyn: The Ultimate LJ for their relation
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Welcome to the first ever Naitlyn Livejournal Community! This community is for fans who saw a connection between the best friends of Shane Gray & Mitchie Torres: Nate & Caitlyn Geller. Please join our community! It's open membership and open posting. :) If there are any questions, feel free to contact me @ my personal livejournal feythe1


1) Be sure to be respectful of the work of others.
2) If you write a fanfic, it must be under an lj-cut, no matter what the size, and have this information before the story
Title; Author; Rating; Genre; Pairings (if other than Naitlyn); Summary
3) Affiliates: Click Here: here
4) Don't tag your entries, I'll tag them myself.
5) You can only post if you're a member so please join!

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